Randonnée, freestyle ou hockey, à chacun ses rollers !

Rollerblading, freestyle or hockey: skates for all!

Deciding on roller skates isn't simply a choice between inline skates and quad skates! There are many activities that are done on skates. Rollerblading, freestyle, hockey, roller derby, artistic skating: each activity requires its own type of skates!


Rollerblades: fun and popular!

Rollerblading is the most popular and most widely practised activity! It is certainly the most fun and accessible. This type of skating allows adults and children to travel with friends or family, in the city or on cycling trails outside the city. Rollerblades are comfortable, easy to handle, and safe. Perfect for beginners!

Roller fitness et roller randonnée


Roller hockey: a team sport on wheels

Roller hockey is an activity directly inspired by ice hockey, which is done indoors. Hockey players have swapped their ice skates for inline skates! This team sport on wheels has nonetheless gone through a few rule changes, so it is less dangerous than on ice. The inline skates used are specifically designed for this sport: no brake, a stiff aluminium platform, an a durable high shell to protect from impact. They are inline skates that allow for strong pressure and fast changes of direction.

Le roller hockey


Freestyle skating: excitement guaranteed

A freestyle discipline similar to skateboarding, freestyle skating is practised on half-pipes and in the street, in the urban environment. Skaters do jumps and slides, skates on their feet. Features of freestyle skates? They are inline skates with small, hard wheels with plastic coverings and an edged shell for slides on guardrails and half-pipes. The skates are more imposing, but also more durable.

Le roller freestyle


Roller derby: a new trend for women!

A less-known but booming discipline, roller derby is a women's team sport done on quad skates. The goal of the game? On an oval track, the player needs to successfully pass the players on the other team without getting pushed down, all within a time limit. You should understand, in roller derby, contact is allowed! Protective gear is required in this trendy women's sport.

Le roller derby


Artistic skating: elegant and technical

Artistic skating is a variant of figure skating on ice, generally done on quad skates. Skaters do all kinds of acrobatics on their skates, synchronised movements with jumps and pirouettes, all set to music. Balance, flexibility and perseverance are essential for artistic skating! The most important thing in this discipline is grip on the ground: the choice of wheels should be made based on the type of surface.


So, you are won over by the diversity of roller skating activities... which one will you try?