Skateboard, longboard and skate cruiser: different activities !

You can do loads of things with a skateboard: jump an obstacle, slide on a rail, make smooth curves, go down a mountain road or even go to work... But each practice has its own board. Over the years, skateboarding has split into several disciplines: skateboard, longboard and skate cruiser. Which board for which discipline? We explain it all!


Skateboard: freestyle and style!

The classic skateboard is that rolling board with two raised edges that you see everywhere: in the street, outside schools, and at skateparks. It is the most widespread board these days.

You can just as easily skate in the street as in the urban environment, at the skatepark, or on a half-pipe. Skaters use their boards to do tricks. The best known are ollies, flips, grinds, wheelies, wall rides, or gaps. It's a discipline that requires both technique and performance, as well as style and creativity.

When skateboarding, there are a few trends that come straight from the street and the skatepark, in aerial sessions in bowls or pools. Speed and height, or technical tricks: everyone has their own skate style!

le skateboard


Longboard: it has to slide!

Longboards are skateboards that are longer and easier to handle than other boards. If you are looking for feelings of speed and sliding, this is the board you need! In its way, this board is similar to surfboards and snowboards.

Longboards are boards with a stiff platform and larger, softer wheels to ensure good grip and speed. You can use a longboard to travel around, or to go to class or to work.

There are a few sub-categories in longboarding:

- carving, which involves making large curves on flat ground on a slight downhill. The goal is the slide!

- dancing is a discipline that requires strings of tricks while moving on the board.

- in freeride, skaters go downhill, alternating speed with controlled skids to turn. It's the most fun discipline!

- downhill involves descending mountain roads at full speed on closed roads.

Le longboard


Skate cruiser, the king of urban travel 

The ultimate old school skateboard, skate cruisers have resurfaced over the past few years! If you are looking for a board that is close to a longboard, but less bulky and easier to handle, you'll be interested in the skate cruiser!

Skate cruisers are fast, dynamic, and light, perfect for urban travel over short distances. The goal is to move through the city, rolling and weaving down the sidewalk with precision. Its best feature? Its easy transport! You can take it everywhere: on the bus, to stores, to do errands, and even to the office.

To recognize it, nothing is easier! Its the little narrower board that has no nose.

Le cruiser skate


So do you have your preference? All you need is to pick out your first board to start out…