Se déplacer avec un enfant sur une trottinette adulte

Travelling with a child on an adult scooter

Travelling with your child on a scooter, is this mission impossible? Are you so sure? Oxelo is proving it isn't with the "child carrier" made for scooters. This simple accessory allows you to travel with your child in complete safety, without losing the joy of using your scooter. Introduce your child to the joys of sliding at a very young age…


How to attach the "child carrier"

This accessory is very easy to install on your scooter. Just remove the front part of the non-slip strip on your board to attach the scooter child carrier. It has a self-adhesive strip that allows you to attach its velcro grip onto the board of the scooter. Once correctly stuck on, you can remove and replace it as many times as you need with its powerful velcro. Just be careful to keep it clean…


With the scooter child carrier, travelling together is child's play!

Correctly position your child on the child carrier. They must place their entire foot on the base. Tell them to firmly grip the handlebars with their hands (in the middle of the handlebars, so they don't get in the way while you steer).

They are now in a completely safe space, and all that's left is to enjoy the scooter ride.

Keep an eye on your child's movements and the way they react to the motions of your scooter. The important thing is to have fun and make the most of your outing!


The joys of scootering together

Equipped with the child carrier, you can now set out on short or long excursions with your child. This allows you to introduce them to the joys of the scooter, and give them a taste for this means of transport.

This also makes your trips easier when you need to do errands or administrative tasks, for example. Your child will see it as a game and will gladly accompany you wherever you go.

Another advantage is that you can plan for trips together to discover a new city on a weekend, or to go to the coast and do some tourism.

Travelling with your child on a scooter is completely possible! To find out more, watch our video here on how to position your child carrier and place your child on it.