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Nos conseils pour apprendre à faire du roller

Before experiencing the pleasure of gliding along cycle routes or through town, learn the basics of the sport that is accessible to all. Here are a few exercises to help you start off, including how to stand up, push off, brake and turn!

Randonnée, freestyle ou hockey, à chacun ses rollers !

Deciding on roller skates isn't simply a choice between inline skates and quad skates! There are many activities that are done on skates. Rollerblading, freestyle, hockey, roller derby, artistic skating: each activity requires its own type of skates!


You can do loads of things with a skateboard: jump an obstacle, slide on a rail, make smooth curves, go down a mountain road or even go to work... But each practice has its own board. Over the years, skateboarding has split into several disciplines: skateboard, longboard and skate cruiser. Which board for which discipline? We explain it all!

Le lexique du skateboard

For those beginners who don't understand a single word of the "skateboardian" language, Oxelo has prepared a glossary so you don't get lost in all the skate jargon.
Ollie, Goofy, Curb, Nose… Here are the essentials to remember!

Se déplacer avec un enfant sur une trottinette adulte

Travelling with your child on a scooter, is this mission impossible? Are you so sure? Oxelo is proving it isn't with the "child carrier" made for scooters. This simple accessory allows you to travel with your child in complete safety, without losing the joy of using your scooter. Introduce your child to the joys of sliding at a very young age…

Les 7 bonnes raisons de préférer la trottinette urbaine à votre voiture

Adult scooters are rapidly gaining in popularity! Only recently come to be considered as a viable mode of urban transport, it is no longer surprising to see adults riding about on scooters.
If you're still not sure about them, here's 7 good reasons to use a scooter over your car!